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2019 Product Management Insights Report Cover

2019 Product Management Insights Report

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Product management has historically been an ill-defined role that has yet be fully embraced in many organizations. The data in our 2019 Product Management Insights Report, however, shows that the field is rapidly evolving. Product managers are becoming more advanced and coalescing around a standard set of best practices. This report covers the results of our survey of 253 product managers on what they do and how they build successful products.

What's Inside


What product managers do and how the role is evolving


Product managers’ biggest wish for 2019


The most popular product management tools, conferences, and resources


Mike Fishbein

Mike is the Producer of Alpha’s podcast, This is Product Management, and the Editor of Alpha’s Medium publication, Product Management Insider.

Sam Hennick

Sam is an Analyst at Alpha where he researches and writes about best practices in product management.