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What Product Managers Need to Know About Minimum Viable Experiments

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Most new products fail, and most frequently because they do not meet user needs. Running experiments helps product managers validate customer demand for a product concept earlier in the product lifecycle. By running an experiment instead of launching a minimum viable product, product managers in large organizations can gain more autonomy, limit risk and brand exposure, and gain user insights even earlier in the product lifecycle. With this speed to user insight, product managers become better equipped to build successful products.

What's Inside

The difference between 'MVEs' and 'MVPs' and why it matters

How to implement and scale a culture of experimentation

How to make the case to stakeholders for implementing best practices


Mike Fishbein

Mike is an expert and author at Alpha. He is best known for being the host of the industry-leading podcast, “This is Product Management.”

Nis Frome

Nis writes about product management and his articles have been published in UX Mag, The Next Web, Mind the Product, and Boxes & Arrows.