Product Management Workflows

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As more organizations adopt product management as a central role and activity, common practices and processes have begun to emerge. We’ve been tracking the emergence of product management for three years and have noticed the rapid standardization of the discipline. In this report, we explore five key day-to-day product management activities, including how to run experiments more efficiently, opportunities to increase collaboration with key stakeholders, and benchmarks for reporting and roadmapping.

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Understand how product managers create roadmaps and plan for the future

Learn about the varying frequencies by which product managers experiment, along with the most common techniques used

Explore the types of reports that product managers create and for whom


Sam Henick

Sam is a quantitative analyst at Alpha, and has worked at prestigious firms such as CATO and FiveThirtyEight.

Nis Frome

Nis writes about product management and his articles have been published in UX Mag, The Next Web, Mind the Product, and Boxes & Arrows.