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2020 Product Management Insights Report

Download our new report for an inside look at the past, current, and future state of product management  

Product management has undergone a significant evolution in the 6 years since Alpha began reporting on the discipline. As companies face tough obstacles like digital and strategic transformation, the data in our 2020 Product Management Insights Report confirms product management’s influence on solving those high-level business challenges has exploded. This report analyzes the results of our survey of more than 550 product leaders and explores how product teams build innovative products and solutions.

What's Inside

Key Activities

How responsibilities vary among product managers, leaders, and executives


The biggest challenges facing product teams in 2020 

Goals & Objectives 

How the product management discipline is evolving 

Collaboration Opportunities

Where and when product teams can improve collaboration with other stakeholders

Future State of the Industry 

Product managers share their biggest wish lists for 2020


Shawna Lent

Head of Content and producer of Alpha’s weekly podcast, This is Product Management

Mike Fishbein

Director of Demand Generation and host of Alpha’s weekly podcast, This is Product Management