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Report & Analysis on Data-Driven Product-Management Practices

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For this report, we sought to dig deeper into the perceptions and activities that go into data-driven decision-making in product management. Specifically, we juxtapose individual’s perceptions about their knowledge of data science with the activities and processes they make and use. We explore the correlation of training with best practices, and tally the most popular key performance indicators in use.

What's Inside

Aptitude for data science and data-driven decision-making

The impact of training and professional courses on the adoption of best practices

Channels used to source data and techniques utilized to analyze data and make decisions

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Sam Hysell

Sam is the Community Champion at Moves the Needle, a company that brings lean startup principles and tactics into large organizations looking to be more innovative.

Liz Gross

Liz is an analyst at Alpha, compiling industry research for popular publications such as the Product Management Year in Review.